mario brothers characters

The Generation that Believed in Super Mario

The video game industry is a big part of the tech-world. From portable devices to consoles we play on high-definition television screens, the industry has evolved to a bigger and better world. The beginning of video games was in the form of arcade, a big machine often times located in a public business place. For it to function, the player must insert a coin to play a specific number of rounds. The best video game of all time started with its arcade version – Mario Bros. Mario Bros was released on 1983 by Nintendo Co. The game features an Italian plumber who is in a mission to finish different rounds of challenges.

As time progressed, the industry brought new technology that gave birth to consoles. Nintendo released its own versions of consoles, as well as the video games that come with it. The birth of Super Mario Bros came in 1985. The new game featured more tasks and rounds which introduced the masses to a whole new concept. The game still had lots or new mario characters in it. Even though Super Mario Bros was not the first of the game, it is considered to be the pioneer for it paved way for a successful franchise. The classic Super Mario Brothers original game is the best of the series, contributing to the greatest franchise in the history of video games.

Super Mario as an Icon

Super Mario Bros game is considered to be an icon in the industry. In the time when the video game industry was in decline in 1983, the game brought hope and success not only to Nintendo’s Nintendo Entertainment System, but to the whole gaming world. Even at present, people are thrilled when the classic Super Mario Brothers original game is the topic of the conversation. It surely did hit the hearts of many as it reminds most people about their own beautiful childhood memories. The game for all ages, the game for all seasons – that is what Super Mario Brothers original game is known for.

Evolution of Super Mario

Arcade is not the most convenient mode of video game in today’s time, unless you have your own machine which only a very a few people do. It was enjoyed by many before and as the demand grew, the initiative to innovate became stronger.

Many video game consoles emerged in the following years, from consoles that we can purchase and play at our own homes to gadgets portable enough that we can carry it wherever we go. Consoles developed quickly and this required video games to follow the trend. Three decades and many versions have passed but the Super Mario Brothers original game still has its name on top.  It is indeed a definitive game, and it will surely continue to be an important player in the future.

The hype for Super Mario Brothers original game is still ongoing as shown in the demand to expand the franchise to more platforms. Just recently, Nintendo partnered with Apple’s iOS to distribute the game to their system. The game reached the success that it was looking for, causing the head to initiate negotiations with another phone tech company, Android.

Millions of games are now available on the market; however, there are only few that reached years of success. For Super Mario Brother original game, it has been 30 years but it does not show any signs of lying low.

The top 3 best computer games of 2017

Computer games or PC games have been attracting the mass audience from all over the world. Even before the launch of gaming consoles, when games with high graphics and high action packed drama were in the making, computer games had managed to woo the customers. Every game developing company ranging from Sony to Marvel, along with bringing the game for consoles also brings the PC version also. So here are the top 3 computer games for the year 2017:

  • Call of duty(Advanced Warfare)– keeping the formula of the game same, the makers have left no stone unturned in bringing their best in their advanced warfare version of call of duty. According to the reviews of experts, the call of duty, advanced warfare is the best game on PC right now and it has no game in competition at present. With excellent graphics, high-end action and gore scenes along with a gripping story; It incorporates all the elements of a top grosser. It is emerging out to be a pinnacle of its genre now. The new exo-suits along with few newly introduced gadgets, it gives the facility of playing multiplayer. The multiplayer version of the game is a treat to play and as per the user reviews, this version of multiplayer is the best.
  • BioShock Infinite– the bio shock infinite game is definitely for those who love to play FPS( first person shooting) games. Being a dark horse, it rose steadily and went on to reach the second position within no time. The story of the game is applauded by critics which are the binding and motivating factor behind the game. Coming to the graphics, it has been given full marks by users. It is engaging, gripping and tight adventure story of two characters.  Many of the RPG games lack a good story which discourages players from playing. However, such is not the case with Bioshock Infinite. If you are looking for an awesome and thrilling experience of gaming coated with the sheer level of brilliance, this one is for you.
  • Company of heroes 2– the company of heroes game is a strategy-based warfare game, that has some superb graphics and out and out scintillating experience. The first part of the game was launched in the year 2006 and registered several accolades from critics.  Even today, it is ranked amidst those few computer games that could possibly recreate the same experience just like World War 2.  The first part of it was inch close to fulfilling the requisites of a possible war game, but it lagged in some aspects.

So with the second version of the game, it nailed it simply and rectified those lags.. Though the makers didn’t dissuade from the track of their original concept and theme of the game, only a few changes were brought into this part. The changes are meager to an extent that the players won`t be able to figure out the changes also. Some new mechanics are to introduce in the second part of which most notable are the ice and generals.